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Animal Communication

The ability to communicate with animals is innate in all of us and anyone with a true love of animals can easily practice this ability to enhance their relationship with their animal companions.

Animal communication is a completely grounded practice and is not as 'airy fairy' as it may sound. Animal communication the interpretation of feelings that one shares with an animal. Every thought produces an associated emotion and it is this feeling that an animal communicator is trained to pick up on and interpret.

Animal Communication can be particularly helpful when nothing else seems to have helped. It gives us the opportunity to 'hear it from the horse's mouth' - quite literally!

As with Reiki treatments, I will require that you confirm that your animal is under the care of a Veterinary Surgeon.

Animal Communication sessions can be carried out in person or by phone / Skype


Animal Communication

"Becky has been experiencing a remarkable healing since her contact with Sue. She has recently been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on her shoulder which was painful and getting large but since her healing the tumor has visibily reduced and she is now not in pain. Sue has a powerful ability to be able to intuitively know what my dog needs and her healing response is all the evidence we need to know that working with Sue creates miracles in action. Sue has a kind and loving energy that makes you feel peaceful and looked after. I highly recommend Sue who is here on mother earth to live her life purpose as an animal healer. Thank you Sue."

Gina Hardy