Speaking Japanese Workshop

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Speaking Japanese Workshop www.susanemma.com.jpg

Speaking Japanese Workshop



Reiki Pronunciation & Deeper Meaning Workshop with Jacqui McGinn, Expert Japanese Teacher

This is a very unique and specialist workshop which will give you the incredible opportunity to:

-          Learn how to accurately write and understand the structure of Japanese Kanji (writing)

-          Understand the deeper meaning of the Second Degree Symbols and Mantras

-          How to pronounce correctly; the Mantras, Meditations and Precepts

This workshop will set you well ahead of all other practitioners because it will give you a basis of knowledge that is not otherwise taught in Reiki classes. Few practitioners, or indeed Teachers, learn to pronounce the Japanese words accurately or understand the background behind the very symbols they work with.

If you have professional membership you will be issued with a certificate - 6 hours will count towards your CPD

SPACES ARE VERY LIMITED so please book by return.

This is open only to Second Degree / Level 2 students due to the exploration of Second Degree Symbols.

Times:   10.30am to 4.30pm

Date:     10th September 2018

Venue: Surrey School of Reiki, 11 Conquest Road, Addlestone, KT15 1SN

Tickets: £70 including refreshments and light snacks

Your teachers:

Jacqui McGinn is an experienced Energy Healer, Spiritual Mentor and Japanese Teacher.  She lived in Japan for 9 years where a number of bereavements and mental health problems lead her to explore Japanese spirituality in depth.  She has an MA in Linguistics and the highest qualification in Japanese that a non-Japanese person can get.    

Sue Walsh is the Founder of the Surrey School of Reiki, National Co-Coordinator of the UK Reiki Federation and has been practicing healing for 16 years. Reiki is part of Sue’s everyday life and her purpose is to share it with others so that it can change their lives too, notably from a Traditional stance in keeping with Mikao Usui’s original teachings.

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