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Reiki Second Degree (Level 2) - Professional Practitioner Level - SOLD OUT

In Second Degree you deepen your understanding of the Reiki energy by learning about the symbols, which help you to 1 - empower your healing 2 - heal mental and emotional issues and 3 - send distant healing. You will learn more about the ethics behind treating others with Reiki and how to treat others on a professional level.

Learn more about Reiki Second Degree HERE

Your course includes a private Reiki treatment with me a few days before your training, your manual, lunch, lineage, internationally recognised certificate, personalised Reiki journal, follow-up session and unlimited lifetime support.

My aim in Reiki is not to fill a room with as many people as I can; it's to teach in a way that is personal, tailored to you and helps Reiki to change your life.                 

For this reason, only 4 spaces are on offer, so please book well in advance.

If you would like to learn Reiki Second Degree but cannot attend on this date, please contact me directly to register your interest as I don't publish all available dates. Thank you.