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Introduction to Traditional Japanese Reiki Techniques & Meditations - 4 week course. FULLY BOOKED

intro to japanese reiki techniques 2018

If you're looking to deepen your Reiki knowledge and enhance your practice, this is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the Traditional Japanese techniques and meditations that are pivotal to the system of Reiki.

 - The five elements of traditional Japanese Reiki
 - The Japanese energetic system
 - The Reiki Precepts from a traditional Japanese perspective
 - Reiki as a Spiritual Practice
 - Meditations and techniques that you can easily and effectively apply to your current practice

To give you a massive Reiki boost, you'll also receive 4 Reiki empowerments.

These classes are suitable for :

  • Reiki Practitioners of all levels and experience
  • There is always more to learn! So whether you are a beginner or have been practicing Reiki for many years, it will give you an opportunity to take your understanding deeper
  • Practitioners who have studied only “Western” Reiki and would like to learn more about the Traditional ways
  • Professional practitioners who require Continued Professional Development hours for their memberships

Book your place before Sunday 22nd April and receive a complimentary online video course to support your learning.

Classes start at 8pm each week, every Thursday for 4 weeks.
Course dates: Thursday, 3rd May, 10th May, 17th May, 24th May 2018

Course cost: £127
Held in Addlestone, Surrey, KT15

* Certificates awarded.
* If you're a professional practitioner, you can use this as evidence for Continued Professional Development (CPD).
There are a limited number of spaces available. Confirmed on strictly first come, first served basis.

What students are saying:

"The ‘Japanese Techniques and Meditations’ course was truly a gift to be a part of. We worked in a small group, in a warm and peaceful atmosphere. Being only a Level 1 practitioner I wasn’t sure if my knowledge would be enough to experience the benefits of the course but the techniques Sue taught us are so easy to apply! The step by step process helped me a lot to improve the effectiveness of both my Reiki and Meditation practices.
Thank you, Sue, for being such a helpful, thorough and always welcoming teacher."

"I loved this course. Sue is very warm, fun and knowledgeable who makes learning a pleasure.  She explains everything well and has great patience when dealing with our queries. Her enthusiasm is catching and I can't wait for Part 2.  Thank you"

"Wow!!! I really missed attending when we came to the end of the course. I could feel a huge shift in my Reiki practice."

"I found the teaching very beneficial. I liked the techniques and can incorporate the meditations easily into my daily life. Sue is such a passionate teacher, her love shines through."