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Free Introductory Talk: REIKI: What's it all about? Should I try it? What will it do for me?

Have you heard of Reiki before? Perhaps you have heard of Energy Healing, Hands-on Healing or Spiritual Healing? Join us for this free introductory workshop in which you will learn more about Reiki and how it can help you.

Perhaps you have tried conventional medicine for physical ailments, illnesses, anxiety or depression only to find that either the medicine didn’t really work, or if it did, the side effects were awful?

Reiki is a beautifully simple, yet deeply profound, Japanese method for self-development and healing, much like the practice of meditation. Like meditation, it can be deeply transformative. Reiki is not a religion and many people find that it enhances their spiritual beliefs.

Reiki can be beneficial for physical ailments, post-operative recovery, chronic and acute illnesses, it can help with emotional trauma such as depression, insomnia, lack of confidence, addiction and anxiety and it can help one to have a general feeling of overall wellbeing.

Attendees of this workshop will be entitled to a special offer so please attend in person to find out more.


The River Bourne Club
Heriot Road
KT16 9DR

There is no charge for this workshop, everyone is invited to join us.