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SUE's Story


"Healing changed my life and it continues to do so on a daily basis."


In 2002, I was working as a Personal Assistant to the Managing Director of a 5* luxury tour operator and was stressed, constantly sick and miserable. I went home to South Africa for a holiday and my mum packed me off to an appointment. I didn’t know what I was going for or why and I didn’t ask questions (that part is shocking because I am a Virgo who likes to be in control and it tells me I was very much meant to attend that appointment without even knowing it).

The healing made such a huge impression on me that to this day, I still remember my treatment vividly and when I woke up I asked “what did you do to me and how do I learn it?” Two weeks later I was on my first course and I have not stopped learning since!

Reiki has been a guiding light in my life, the one thing that has always been a constant no matter what and my passion for it has grown profoundly as the years have gone by. I love learning so I never stop my Reiki training and I try to retrain - all the way from First Degree to Masters – each year or as regularly as I am able. It’s my belief that the moment we think we don’t need to learn anymore is when we stop learning and most importantly, stop effectively serving those who are learning from us or who we are serving to help.

I passionately believe that collaboration, not competition, is the way forward in Reiki and all therapies.

It’s my personal mission to spread warmth, joy and support to fellow practitioners; so that we can flourish, grow and share our journeys with each other and make a bigger difference in the world just by being ourselves – because surely that’s what we’re here for, right?