Peace and being Present

This quote is so popular on social media because it strikes a chord in all of us.

Depression is anger turned inward. Worry is something we all deal with almost daily.

This quote is a reflection of the Reiki Precepts:
Just for today, do not anger.
Just for today, do not worry.

Not only does it show how an awareness of the Reiki Precepts can lead to inner peace but it also shows how accessible and useful they are in application to daily life.

When we practice Reiki, by its very nature, it draws us firmly into the present moment and in that moment, we are free from anger, worry, depression, anxiety... whilst at the same time receiving healing on a physical, mental and emotional level too.

Mikao Usui taught Reiki as a method because he realised that it was an accessible way for everyone to gain peace and happiness without having to be practiced monks or specially trained.

Reiki is not only a method for hands on healing but also a spiritual path for happiness that everyone can easily follow. Through the practice of Reiki we can grow and develop into that happy, peaceful person we wish to be and all by simply being aware of the precepts for guidance, practicing hands on healing and essentially, sharing love and caring with ourselves and others.

Wishing each of you a genuinely blessed Reiki day.