Deepening my Reiki knowledge

Each year I travel to study with Frans Stiene, the author of the critically acclaimed "Reiki Sourcebook". Frans dedicates his time to literally living, breathing and thoroughly researching Reiki, notably from the Traditional Japanese perspective, which is as close as possible to how Mikao Usui intended it to be, and indeed, taught it. It's probably safe to say that Frans is one of the world's leading Reiki teachers, if not, THE one.

Spending time learning directly with Frans is like nothing else on earth! The energy one enters when working with and around him is simply sublime and it's so easy to feel your practice literally take leaps and bounds forwards with every meditation, reiju and attunement.

I'll write more on my experiences in my next newsletter, but for now I leave you with this lovely photo which I'll always cherish...

Sue Walsh and Frans Stiene