Want to be part of a team that believes in "People Helping People" ?

If this resonates with you, then perhaps becoming an Independent Consultant with Neal's Yard Remedies Organic is something you'd like to do?

It is a hugely rewarding experience and great fun. There is no pressure to perform, no extortionate buy-in and no one's going to make you sell, sell, sell! Though, if it's a successful business that you want, that's what you'll get, and we'll be there to support you all the way. As an Independent Consultant, you will receive a 25% discount off any products you order and you will get 25% commission on products that you sell.

If you want to enjoy the 'blue bottles' for yourself, you have a few options available:

1. If you would like to order NYRO products, you can do so through me, as your dedicated personal consultant. To thank you for ordering through me, you will receive free samples with every order and a loyalty card that you won’t get in-store or online.
2. If you would like to take advantage of the current £45 kit offer, you can sign up as a consultant yourself. This will enable you to order products direct from NYRO and receive a 25% discount. (This is in addition to any sale discounts and offers.)
3. You can then choose whether you want to use your consultant status to get a discount on your own products, or if you want to sell them to others. You can do as little or as much of this as you wish to. There is absolutely no pressure to sell, though there is a huge potential for success and earning additional income.
4. If you would like to earn some free products without signing up, you can arrange a pampering get together with your friends/family/neighbours. It’s a great opportunity to have fun, try before you buy, and really experience the range in more depth. (See pg. 4 of the brochure).

The ethos of Neal's Yard Remedies Organic is to spread the word about organic products that do not harm us, animals, or the environment. They are the world’s first health & beauty brand to be awarded 100/100 for ethics in an independent audit by The Ethical Company Organisation.

They donate huge amounts of money to environmental issues. For example, through the sales of the Bee Lovely Range, they have donated £60,000 to projects that Help Save the Bees.

Not many people can say that they started their own business, with the backing of an internationally respected and renowned, ethical, high quality product for the mere tag of £45.
The offer will revert to £95 at the end of May

Why not spread the love?
Tell others about the offer so that they can benefit too and begin building your own team - and future success…

• Who do you know who would benefit from being part of NYR Organic?
• Who is saving up for their summer holiday?
• Perhaps looking for a fresh challenge?
• Anyone looking for an organic brand to use in their therapy business?
• Who simply loves their NYR products and would appreciate the 25% discount on own purchases?

Are you a therapist?
Neal’s Yard is such a well-respected and popular brand, that any therapist using the products for facials, massages and other treatments will immediately have an additional revenue stream. Most clients want to buy the products that have been used in their treatment! Because the NYRO products last so well, you’ll find yourself needing to use less product than before, thereby keeping your costs down.

You can join on my website:
or call me and we can go through it together

If you have any questions and would like to know more, I would be very happy to help.
I look forward to welcoming you to the Neal's Yard Remedies Organic family - in whichever capacity suits you.