What is a Reiki Share?

If you've ever wondered what a Reiki Share is, please keep reading to find out more.

What is a Reiki Share?
A Reiki Share is a meeting at which everyone has a chance to both receive, and give, Reiki healing with others.

Who attends a Reiki Share?
Reiki practitioners of all levels and abilities are welcome - you do not need to be experienced and equally, no matter how experienced you are, there's always more to learn!

What are the benefits of attending a Reiki Share?
* Spend time with a group of lovely, welcoming and warm people who will support you on your Reiki journey - no matter where you're at!
* Receive a huge boost of healing energy - feel relaxed, renewed and back in balance
* A rare opportunity to be cared for, fussed over and generally looked after ;-)
* If you are part of a membership body, you can add the hours spent at the Reiki Share to your Continued Professional Development (CPD) record - this is a formal requirement to maintain your insurance
* Learn more about Reiki and other topics, discuss ideas and common interests
* Attendance at Reiki shares are a compulsory requirement of most Reiki courses

* Venue - Addlestone, Surrey, KT15
* Parking - plenty of unrestricted parking
* Time - Either 1pm or 8pm start depending on the dates (please check listing)
* Spaces are limited to ensure everyone is well cared for
* £10 per person - drinks and refreshments included
* To avoid disappointment, pre-booking is essential
* Dates - please see as noted

PLEASE NOTE - As the shares are so popular and not everyone can make weekends, I have added some Thursday evening dates as well. This way there is at least one Reiki Share per month.

Thursday, 9th March - 8pm
SATURDAY, 1ST APRIL - 2pm - Be part of the UK Reiki Federation's "Biggest Share in the World" - please look out for more info to follow.
Sunday, 21st May - 1pm
Thursday, 8th June - 8pm
Sunday, 2nd July - 1pm
Sunday, 20th August - 1pm
Sunday, 24th September - 1pm
Thursday, 5th October - 8pm
Sunday, 22nd October - 1pm
Sunday, 19th November - 1pm
Thursday, 7th December - 8pm
Sunday, 10th December - 1pm

Facilitated by:
* Traditional & Western Usui Reiki Master-Teacher with over 14 years' experience
* Surrey area representative of the UK Reiki Federation
* Founder of the Surrey School of Reiki
* Someone who cares and whose utmost concern is that you feel welcome, relaxed, happy and that the experience is one of transformation and healing for you!