NEW!! Time to chat each week.

I go on about Reiki training not being just about a day or two in a room followed by a certificate and then you never actually benefit from it. It seems that those who get support when life gets in the way are the ones that are able to truly make Reiki a part of their life and so it's a big deal to me to not only teach you but support you long term - once you're in the Reiki Family you're always part of the family!

With this in mind, I'm so excited to formally announce that from next week I'll have a dedicated time for you guys to call in to pick my brains, ask questions, get guidance, support and if you so wish, cry, laugh, scream... or all of the above.

Please just use the link below to book your time so that I can be ready for you and if you need me to research anything in advance, please let me know.

EVERY MONDAY, 12.30pm-2.30pm

Call me, talk to me, connect with me and let's take your Reiki even further!

Love you all, Sue x

Use this link to book your time:

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