Vision Board How To: Creating a vision of the life you want

If you missed the recent Vision Board Workshop, worry not!

I've created a video and supporting info sheet to help you create one of your own. So please watch and enjoy in your own time and remember to let me know how you got on!

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Vision Board How To: Creating a vision of the life you want



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A Vision Board is a visual, collage representation of your dreams, hopes and desires. You put on display pictures and phrases that are deeply meaningful and inspiring to you – things that you would like to achieve, work towards and what your ideal life would look like.  

The aim of a Vision Board is to give you a tool to focus your attention on what you want in future and should serve as a motivator to help you achieve your goals. Anything that makes your heart sing and is important to you, that would make your life feel fulfilling and meaningful, those are the things that you’ll put on your vision board.

Vision Boards keep you accountable to your dreams.

By paying regular attention to what’s important to you, it means that you don’t so easily forget. What you focus on is where your efforts go and if, for example, you are reminded every day about a glorious beach in Bali that you’d one day like to visit, then you’ll be more eager to go to work and save for your trip to see it – rather than bemoaning your fate and the boring, dull day you’ll think you’re bound to have. 

Instead, your day at work will have meaning because you would have connected with that desire and intention to soon sit on that beach and feel the sun warming your face, knowing that you’re in Bali and by gosh, you did it!

Vison boards are made even more powerful when we not only use them as a motivator but also as a manifesting tool. Spending time each day and visualising your dreams becoming reality is a very profound way of matching your energy to the energy of the outcome. 

Now, I am not for a second suggesting that everything you’ve ever wanted is simply going to fall into your lap because you put it on your vision board. What I am suggesting is that, if you open yourself up to receiving those dreams and desires, then the HOW will be shown to you. Opportunities and synchronicities will present themselves, so that you, by taking meaningful and consistent action in the direction of your goals, will be able to achieve them. 

Whilst windfalls certainly do occur, in reality, if we bring our A-game to the table, then the Universe responds by giving us a helping hand… but we have to put some effort in! 

The power of the mind is well researched and it’s a fact that athletes have been using visualisation for decades to improve performance. In much the same way, we condition ourselves for success when we regularly get in touch with the energy of our goals and see them as already achieved, it opens up the door for the possibility and gives the Universe the power to help us. 


  • Your vision board should focus on how you want to feel, not only things you want
  • What to put on your VB: anything that inspires and motivates you. Think about your goals you want to bring to life and then find an image/caption/item that represents them for you.
  • You can include the following areas: relationships, career, finances, home, travel, personal growth, spirituality, social life, education, health. If it’s important to you, put it on!
  • Handwriting your goals is more energetic than typing them but if you resonate more with typing then that’s perfect too.
  • You can make one VB for all aspects of your life or multiple small ones for each; it’s up to you.
  • You will need: any kind of board or display, scissors, tape, glue, markers, stickers, photos, magazine clippings, images, quotes, embellishments … and glitter, lots of glitter!
  • How big: find a space where you can look at your VB regularly, preferably several times a day or first thing in the morning and last thing at night. So with that in mind, it can be as big or as little as you like – you could also take a photo of it so you can see it on your mobile devices too. 
  • To make it: set aside time so that you have the space in which to relax and enjoy yourself – this should be a therapeutic experience too. It should connect you to your intuition, gut, drive, true self, life purpose – so take the time to honour that experience and bring as much energy to it as you can. You can ask friends to join you and make it a social event to offer each other encouragement and support.
  • To work it: put your VB somewhere you can see it every day so that you’re prompted to visualise your ideal life as often as possible. Visualisation activates your subconscious mind and triggers an awareness in your brain to look out for synchronicities you would otherwise not notice. The action of visualising attracts to you the people, opportunities, resources and tools that you need to achieve your goal.

To really utilise your VB as a tool of manifesting try this: 

At least once a day, take a moment to sit in a quiet space, take a deep breath, close your eyes and see your VB in your mind’s eye. Now feel it. Feel how happy you are when you’ve achieved your goal, feel what it’s like to be there, what do you hear, what do you think. 

Connect as deeply with your heart as you can so that the sensation of joy, achievement, pride, happiness and above all profound and almost overwhelming gratitude, can fill your energy entirely. THIS is the power.

This moment of being absolutely at one with the sense of achieving your goal is what’s going to motivate you, inspire you when times get tough and remind you why it matters and why it’s so important to you and your life. 

So, enjoy creating the life that you deserve and are meant to live.