Reiki Level 2 (Second Degree) reiki level 2 training


In Level 2 (or Second Degree), you will learn how to give healing to others and at this level you will be able apply for insurance and begin charging and practising professionally. You will also learn the 3 Reiki symbols which you can work with to, 1 - empower your healing 2 - heal mental and emotional issues and 3 - send distant healing.

You do not have to practice professionally if you don’t want to. You can Level 2 simply for your own healing and self-development. 


Your course includes:

  • A private Reiki treatment with me a few days before your training

  • Comprehensive manual

  • An Internationally recognised certificate

  • Personalised Reiki journal

  • Lunch and refreshments

  • Follow-up session

  • Attendance at 3 Reiki Shares

  • Unlimited lifetime support

  • Student discount on future treatments

Syllabus for Second Degree

• About the symbols – Power, Mental and Emotional, and Distant
• How to draw the symbols and work with them
• Second Degree attunements
• Practice working with the symbols
• How to send distant healing
• Distant healing practice
• Preparing a room with the symbols
• Deeper development in giving healing to others
• Practice giving healing
• Setting up your Reiki practice
• Record keeping and administration
• Reiki ethics for professional practice