Treatments for Mums and Babies

As a new mum myself, I understand extremely well how beneficial Reiki can be. I had to have an emergency C-Section and found that I healed really well, was able to breastfeed successfully and recover swiftly. Reiki is simple, safe and effective healing for you and your baby. mum and baby reiki

Becoming a new mum is in equal parts both wonderful and perplexing. When one enters the realm of motherhood, there is no exact formula to ensure a peaceful and relaxing experience… but Reiki can certainly help to make it much, much easier.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a traditional Japanese technique for healing and relaxation. It is gentle, effective, non-invasive and complementary to all conventional medical care and medication. Reiki supports the body’s self-healing ability and boosts the immune system. 

Reiki is perfectly safe and is suitable for all - babies, pregnant and post-partum mothers, those undergoing treatment, the elderly and even those with perfect health. One does not need to be ill to benefit from Reiki and neither does your concern have to be physical, it can also be emotional or psychological.

The benefits of Reiki for Mum

As a new mum it is easy to forget about taking care of yourself and you focus on your baby, though it’s important to remember that a happy, healthy mum has a happy, healthy baby. Reiki can help a new mothers to recover from labour, heal faster from Caesarean section, help with tiredness, help them to feel confident in their abilities and feel balanced in their emotions. A new mother’s body goes through many dramatic changes in a short period of time and the substantial increase of hormones in the body can lead to a feeling of imbalance, both emotionally and physically. Reiki can ease the transition from pregnancy into motherhood and it can even help with post-natal depression and post-natal anxiety. mum and baby reiki 2

The benefits of Reiki for Baby

It’s so difficult to know exactly what is wrong with babies but because Reiki treats the body as a whole, it can help to heal what baby can’t tell us about. If you have paced the floor at night with a baby that won't stop screaming, you will know how it feels to wish that you had something, anything, that could soothe your child. I know from personal experience how this feels and that's why I am passionate about helping other mums. 

Reiki can ease colic, reflux, teething, temperatures, side-effects from medication and difficult births. Babies receiving Reiki may sleep better, feel content, cry less, eat and drink better and seem happier within themselves.

Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies are also hugely helpful for new mums and their babies. I specialise in working with new mums and helping them to use the remedies to help them adjust to life with a new baby. Please visit the page for more info about the remedies: Bach Flower Remedies

As seen in the Kingston Hospital Mother & Baby Guide